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Carpeting is one of the many investments for your home or business and makes it pleasant to walk on besides looking great too.  Homes should have their floors serviced every 1-2 times per year.  Best time is to have it done just before the holidays so your home will look more welcoming for friends and relatives.  Businesses should have this done more frequently, 2-4 times per year.  It also depends on how much foot traffic and filth may accumulate over a period of time.  It just makes it look that much appealing for your clients and consumers.

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Carpet Care Tips:

* Vacuum at least once a week.  If you have pets, you may want to do this more often.

* Vacuum slowly and in different directions. If you do this too fast, it will only pick up some of the dirt. So take your time and do a great job.
* Rearrange furniture regularly to avoid foot paths

* Blot up spills right away, do not let them set in. As well with pets that may have an accident, you want to blot it up quickly and use some baking soda to absorb it as well.

* Let a professional care for your floor covering, whether Berber or level loop
* Always Vacuum before and after professional services

Best Carpet Cleaning in Green Bay


With steam cleaning or hot water treatment, gallons of water are pushed down to the padding.  This can leave water deep down in the fiber and in time may cause mold and mildew actually ruining the fiber and padding.  This method can take up to 24 hours before the fibers become dry.
Dry Foam:

The Dry Foam method uses a circular motion which scrub the actual fibers on all sides with counter rotating brushes.  The shampoo contains a special formula of enzymes which encapsulate the grease, grime, oil, and odors.  It deodorizes, disinfects, and revitalizes the fibers themselves!  This does not use harsh chemicals or gallons of water and steam like some other companies do, as these methods can actually decrease the lifespan of your carpeting with mold and mildew.
The dry foam rug shampoo is a high foaming and a low residue formula.  With this type of service, the dirt and soil is encapsulated into a crystalline residue that dries quickly and can be easily vacuumed up later on. Dry time is approximately 2 1/2 hours, usually less.


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Upholstery Services:
You walk into a room and notice that your nice furniture lost its luster it once had.  There is heart felt devastation when you see that time has created soiled upholstery and cause’s those uneasy feelings of nervousness to arise anytime you would like to entertain at home.  If a business owner you want to establish a professional appearance surrounding your establishment at all times.

Furniture and floors may look satisfactory by simply gazing at them, but with time even the ones that may seem spotless will have accumulated germs and dust or soil below the surface that haven’t been professionally cleaned for some time. To increase the lifetime health and beauty of your fabric and floor covering, you should have them professionally cared for at least once a year – even before you notice dirt on them.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Green Bay Services:

* Residential
* Commercial
* Area Rug


* Residential

* Commercial 

* Vehicle: For Car, Truck or SUV

100% hypoallergenic formula that is completely safe for use in businesses or households with pets, children and people suffering from asthma.  If you are not sure what kind of healthy cleaning we do, you can always check out our Why Dry Foam page to learn more.  With every rug and floor cover that we service you also get stain treatment and deodorization too!

Reliant Carpet Cleaning is here to help your business and home to stay healthy and revitalized, while working around your schedule. Providing professional services for businesses, home owners and renters since 2005.  The Best Carpet Cleaning Green Bay!

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